I/O Edit

Inputs: Edit

  • Message (array of columns)
  • Number of Columns (integer)

Outputs: Edit

  • Row Selection (3 bits)
  • Serial Output to Shift Register (1 bit)
  • Clock Pulse to Shift Register (1 bit)

Algorithm Edit

For each row: Edit

  1. Set the serial to HIGH or LOW based on the LED being set (start with the farthest left in the frame)
  2. Send a clock pulse to shift register
  3. Repeat (2) for the next column
  4. After all columns are set, enable output to that row for a brief period (>1 millisecond) then disable output

For each frame: Edit

  1. Run through the row algorithm
  2. Repeat (1) for each row
  3. Run through loop a few times per frame
  4. Increment column counter to give scrolling effect

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